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jordan-and-assoc-private-investigator-adviceThe decision to hire a private investigator is an important one. Equally important is hiring the right investigator.

Before you choose a PI, be sure to check their credentials first and ask the following questions:

  • Are they listed with the Better Business Bureau? If so, are they A+ rated (as we are)?
  • Are they located in Indiana or out of state? Don’t be fooled by misleading websites with 1-800 numbers and pictures of Indianapolis landmarks displayed that give you the impression they are locally owned and operated, as most are not. These types of agencies are not licensed in Indiana and are not legally authorized to conduct private investigations here. The way they get around the licensing requirements is they will “sub-contract” (sell) your case to an unknown Indiana PI, that you will never have contact with, to work your case at a discounted rate and the out of state agency you hired will profit the difference while never having spent even one minute on your case themselves. Simply put, this is a misleading practice, a betrayal of your trust and they are banking on you never knowing the difference. It will end up costing you more and will leave you without the benefit of actually knowing who is handling your case or what their qualifications are. While this practice may be legal, it is underhanded, misleading and unfair to you. Before you hire a PI ask them where they are located and insist they provide you with their Indiana PI license number and then call the Indiana PI Licensing Board to verify their information.
  • How much verifiable experience do they have?
  • Check with the Indiana Private Investigations Licensing Board to ensure the PI agency is in good standing and abides by all state licensing laws.

Following these guidelines should assist you in making your decision and assures you of selecting a top quality investigator. At Jordan & Associates, LLC our exemplary credentials, reputation and years of experience are second to none in this industry.

Jordan & Associates, LLC are featured regularly in the Indianapolis news media (see Television News segments in which Jordan & Associates was featured) related to our expertise in the private investigations profession. Over the years we have earned the trust of these news organizations and their many viewers. We hope to earn your trust too.

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Jordan & Associates, LLC Investigative services available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

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For a Free Telephone Consultation Call (317) 502-9901 / Office Consultations By Appointment Only
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